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Commission - Darkness Rising by faithom
Commission - Darkness Rising
Character (c) Ariade.

Finishing up commissions ever so slowly...!! Thank you for commissioning. :iconcblushplz: 
AA - Nina by faithom
AA - Nina
Second girly...!

Name: Nienna Rafales, prefers to go by Nina.
Birthday: August 1 (11:17 PM) 
Zodiac: Day 1 of the Month of Otter, Year of the Lambent Gold Silkworm
True Animal: Jade Rabbit
Secret animal: Cat
Gender: F.
Race: Half-elf (Half light-elf, half human)

Class: Healer
Occupation: Traveler 
City: Song-Lu
Allegiance: Koben Empire

Personality: Spiritual, imaginative, sympathetic, forgetful, oblivious, curious, childish, impressionable, optimistic, playful, trusting, sensitive, fragile. 
-Tend to lose track of things rather quickly, though never too bothered as she believes things which are lost will return to her eventually.
-Very friendly and open to conversation with strangers, though she is rather easily intimidated by outward appearances and expressions and has a harder time being in social situations with people who look 'scary' to her. 
-Has a rather childish sense of wonder and is easily awed (especially by feats of magic) and other displays of skill. Doesn't mind other people showing off.
-Rather defensive of friends when she becomes close with them. 
-Not someone who tends to distrust others, and has a rather fragile heart so she is easily hurt when she finds out that she has been lied to. 
-Semi-religoius and finds the subject fascinating, though usually too shy to bring the topic up given her lack of understanding on the topic. 
-Never one to turn away from a cry for help, though has no illusions about her own ability to help others. Just believes that it's always important to do her best, and if it's not enough, so be it. 
-Almost entirely too optimistic with her outlook on life, though at the same time doesn't take anything in life too seriously so often isn't too easily bothered or stressed... 
-Somewhat disorganized as a person but finds it more enjoyable to live by her whims rather than a more structured lifestyle. 

Nina spent the majority of her childhood traveling. Her parents, both of whom were performers, were on the road often and the young girl never really had much of a place to truly call her home beyond the inns which they frequented in their journey through the lands. However, their constant travels allowed Nina the opportunity to see much of the world and at the same time, cultivated a very powerful sense of imagination in the young girl as her mother whiled away the hours on the road with endless stories of adventurers from long, long ago. Having lived a mostly sheltered life in the company of friends and family, and that of her parents' adorin fans, Nina's perception of the world may be rather different from the one held by most people. Her parents, aware of the blessings their child have been given in her easy childhood, constantly reiterated lessons of kindness and sympathy in that she should take nothing for granted and always be mindful of those who have been less fortunate. And though Nina has grown up to be a kind and considerate girl, her lack of exposure has left her rather... unaware of how others function in society. A chanced encounter with some less-than-pleasant folks while she was alone opened Nina's eyes and left the girl feeling keenly aware of her own ignorance. 

As such, she has decided that she should set off to find her own way in this world and make a change for the better in this world with her gift of healing. Her parents, while saddened by the thought of their daughter leaving their side, offered their full financial support and their best wishes. Shortly before sher departure, her father passed to her a letter which she still has not read to this day, thinking that it was a thing meant to comfort her in only her darkest hours. 

Unsure of where to start her adventures, however, she has chosen to settle in Song-lu for the time being, given its reputation as a neutrality and appreciation for the performing arts. The recent news of conflict has not unsettled the girl, as she is far more preoccupied with exploring the city and its surrounding lands. 

Additional info: 
- Scared of total darkness so her hairpins are enchanted to give off a soft glow on command. 
- Intrudes often in other people's personal space. Or really, just like to give hugs a lot.
- Vegetarian and a cheap drunk... Can't handle alcohol at all. Actively avoids drinking for this reason. 
- Sings a lot! She has the habit of humming when she's walking around or doing chores, and never shies away from being asked to perform in any setting. 
- Ambition is to one day go on a grand adventure with a hero and compose a ballad to retell their story to be passed down through the ages. 
- Writes to her parents regularly

RP Preference: Chat > Gdoc > Skype 

Mother: Imryll Al'Isilnar (light elf) 
Father: Aramis Rafale

RP Logs: 

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