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LoL - Holidays by faithom
LoL - Holidays
Late commission for a friend on League. Nid and Vayne! Tried making it look festive and... looks just kinda confused season wise L O L.

Though I guess it can be interpreted as... Christmas is over... VALENTINE'S DAY IS COMING.

ILB - Edrik Mehtar by faithom
ILB - Edrik Mehtar
IT'S BEEN A WHILE, MY SON... Wheezes. Borrow's Yuki's formatting to look pretty. :iconqwertyuiopplz: 


p r o f i l e

    ◆ Name: Edrik Mehtar
    ◆ Age: 13
    ◆ Gender: M
    ◆ Height: 5'2"
    ◆ Weight: 105lb
    ◆ Birthday: December 14th
    ◆ Nationality (ethnicity): U.K. (Half-Persian, half-Irish)
    ◆ House: Slytherin
    ◆ Year: 2nd

p e r s o n a l i t y

    Ambitious | Observant | Intelligent | Curious | Patient | Quirky | Family-oriented | Impressionable | Driven | Unorganized | Rebellious  | Mischievous | Selfish

    Edrik is a thinker. He likes to consider things from all angles and is certainly very careful when making important decisions. Habitually, he quietly narrates out his musings and thoughts to help himself think, much to the amusement and sometimes annoyance of those around him. In interactions with others, however, he holds considerable weight to his own words, so he hates breaking promises and is always cautious before committing himself to anything. On the other hand, because of his, once he has given his words, he can be counted on to do as he says - so long as there are no loopholes through which the boy could escape his obligations. He is always rather deliberate in choosing his words, hating to not only offend others (so to get himself in trouble) but also to binding him to unnecessary things.  While this could make him seem quiet or slow in some cases, making it a test of others' patience to converse with the boy, Edrik is actually quite intelligent. He has inherited much of his father's academic tendencies, and has an extremely intelligent and curious mind. However, unlike his father, who is truly devoted to his field, Edrik spends a considerable amount of time thinking of mischief. The boy certainly finds rules annoying, and enjoys finding new ways to push the boundaries... without getting in trouble, of course. As his parents have always told him that he should aim to achieve great things, the last thing he wants to do is disappoint them by getting in trouble. He enjoys reading, but only because he has always considered being well-informed the best way to avoid getting caught red-handed. For classes, he considers a lot of the heavy reading a complete chore, and can only bear to get through them while keeping his future ambitions in mind. 

    Clean and overly-organized spaces make Edrik intensely uncomfortable, as they make him feel like a stranger and ill-at-ease. He has the tendency to nest, and is utterly incapable of maintaining a tidy room for long, which may have amused the House Elves as the boy leaves a bit of a mess everywhere he goes. Order is definitely not a priority in the boy's eyes. He considers his family the most important thing in the world, and also highly values the few friends he has made in recent years. Having grown up with his two younger sisters, he is very attentive of others and quick to comfort them at any sign of true distress. It is difficult, however, for the boy to put his own interests and preferences aside for the sake of those outside of his family and immediate circle of friends, and the idea of "sacrifice" is a rather foreign one to Edrik as he has lived a rather sheltered life, and has yet to face a challenge which would shake his rather self-oriented view. 

    Edrik is acutely aware of his inability to perform under pressure, and has constantly tried to work to improve his nerves in his desire to accomplish greater things. He has always believed that with enough hard work, he will find his confidence one day when he is older. He looks up to his upperclassmen a lot, hoping to one day become AWESOME SENPAIS just like them, and while he would never admit it, he is rather easily awed and impressed by their accomplishments. 

    ◆ Likes & Dislikes:
    + FOOD (always hungry); cinnamon-y things in particular. 
    + The library + books in general... 
    + Wizard Chess
    + Crafts (he sucks at it though...) 
    + Old things... maps, artifacts, etc. 
    + Letters from home
    + Adventures/explorations. 

    - HIS ROBE... or anything hot/heavy to wear in general. Prefers to just wear his shirt with the sleeves rolled up but u n i f o r m. 
    - Large bodies of water because he can't swim (the lake makes him so nervous, ha. Has trouble falling asleep at night in his dorm...)
    - Failure
    - Overly organized spaces 
    - Menial labor (considers cleaning beneath him... or rather, the chore of a house elf.)
    - Direct competition (gets too nervous under pressure)
    - Large social gatherings

b a c k g r o u n d

    Despite being the son of a pure-blood family, Edrik had a rather unusual childhood as he grew up in the suburbs of London playing with mostly muggle children. His parents did not make the decision to move out to the countryside until his mother became pregnant with Arya a little over 5 years ago. While not particularly fond of muggles, both of his parents loved life in the city and had grown tolerant to their rather strange way of life over the years. Though neither Vesper nor Kharim preached the ideologies more prevalent in other traditional pure-blood families, they did emphasize to their children that they were different from others - especially to Edrik - and should aim to achieve more in life while keeping this in mind. 

    Before the two younger girls were born, Edrik's father was involved with Gringotts as a scholar who helped to identify and authenticate treasures returned from abroad. After their move, he became much more vigorously involved in academia, often traveling overseas for conferences and research, leaving Edrik as the man of the house to help his mother take care of his sisters. As a result, Edrik became particularly close to his siblings but was left somewhat shy around children his own age. He has also taken much more after his mother in terms of hobbies and habits, though his inability to clean-up after himself is a bit of a sore topic with Vesper, who has resigned to sending her house elf after Edrik and cleaning-up in his wake. 

    A few years ago, Kharim returned home with a Syrian hamster as a pet for his children, as he had thought the animal would make a rather charming companion. Named Hamtai by the younger girls, the hamster is eventually taken to Hogwarts by Edrik as his pet. Though not particular magical (or well-domesticated in any sense), the small creature has served as a constant companion and a somewhat unwilling playmate to the three children in their home during recent times. The remainder of Edrik's childhood was not particularly eventful by any means, as he spent the majority of it cooking with his mother or reading. The one exception being a rare occasion where a prank on Serah on All Hallows' Eve went awry and left him with the small scar on his cheek, and a healthy respect for his little sister's personal space.

    Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Edrik has spent the majority of his time exploring the school grounds and in particular, the library. Though careful to observe his schoolmates, he had made a point to stay out of the way of others for the most part. However, given the start of the new year, he has resolved to at least make one friend of his own age here, having grown rather lonely without Arya and Serah as his constant shadows. It has been odd for him to be so far away from his family, but the boy's slowly growing accustomed to his new found freedom. Despite his young age, he's quite determined to make something of himself at Hogwarts and meet the expectation of his parents. The young boy often appears rather tired during the day, given that he often feels ill-at-ease in the Slytherin common room due to its location.  He's been working quite hard to overcome this fear, though has written to his mother inquiring the possibility of a spell which would help him rid of this issue.

    In regards to his sorting into Slytherin, he was not particularly surprised (as several of his relatives on his mother's side were Slytherins) nor was he particularly bothered by the reputation of the house. 

    ◆ Family:

    - Father: Kharim Q. Mehtar (42), Magical Historian
    - Mother: Vesper A. Mehtar (37), Culinarian
    - Sister:  Serah (7)
    - Sister: Arya (4)  

s c h o o l

    ◆ Elective Classes: 2nd year so... none? 

    ◆ Extra Curricular: 
    Magical Theory

    ◆ Spells: 
    Lumos Charm - Lumos
    Shielding Charm - Protego

    ◆ Wand:
    Core: Dragon Heartstring
    Length: 12 1/2 inches
    Wood: Pear
    Flexibility: Slightly springy

o t h e r

    ◆ Pet:  Hamtai (named by his sisters... :iconimdedplz:)

    Species: Hamster
    Gender: F.
    Personality: Mischievous | Nippy | Territorial | TSUNDERE | Quiet

    Likes to hide in dark or warm-places, typically under Ed's pillow or blanket or in a drawer somewhere. Dislike strangers and tends to bite unless bribed with food... Very snuggly and affectionate with people she likes though. Sleeps and eats a lot... getting fatter every day, basically. Favorite treat is a honey-roasted almond. Doesn't make a lot of sounds unless she's hungry or being particularly needy for attention. 

    ◆ Miscellaneous: ???? 


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