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May 17, 2013
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Colorimetry - Guenievre Favreau by faithom Colorimetry - Guenievre Favreau by faithom
Hehe trying out. So competitive tho since you have to go for specific colors weep. IT USED TO BE REALLY LONG but edited for a slightly shorter version also with some updated info? Except it's still really long I AM SORRY.

Crawls off for an app check.

Name: Guenièvre Favreau
Nicknames: Guen
Age: 22
Height/ Weight: 5'7, 127 Lbs
Nationality: French
Faction: BW
Color codes: 
Main: #EEE9E9 Snow2
Sub: #FDF5E6 Old Lace

Personality traits: secretive, distrustful, charming, social, cautious, cunning, dutiful, vain, insecure, survivalist
-Guen tends to keep her past to herself and her current family situation a closely guarded secret.
-In general, she hates sharing anything about her personal life with others and finds it an unnecessary chore to discuss her history with anyone, even "friends". It's part of her strategy, in any manner, to maintain a veil of secrecy around herself in order to appear more intriguing to others (therefore more valued as a connection by some) and to conceal her involvement with the mafia from the public eye.
-Fears of betrayal and abandonment, both of which she believes to be inevitable.
-Serves the organization faithfully and dutifully out of a sense of obligation and on a small part, selfishness (seeing as she wants to pursue her interests in the performing arts and not taking a minimum wage job)
-Oddly loyal to those few who have earned her respect
-More than anything, she loathes the idea of living like that again after having tasted fame and fortune and rejects any paths which would lead her and her mother back to a life of poverty (which, unfortunately, makes her rather susceptible to blackmail). 
-A social climber through and through.
-Charming, flirtatious, and humble in public
-Shows her true colors during business transactions as a much more serious and shrewd business woman out to make a killing (in profits), always trying to outsmart her competition while ensnaring more clients.
-Cunning, and certainly ruthless, she uses her powers to reap the maximum benefits with great pleasure.
-High priority in personal safety and gains!!!!

Background: tl;dr summary: daddy issues; was raised by single mother who inevitably got her tangled up in mob business to make ends meet. Grew up in poverty but spent her teens pursuing her passion in music and acting. Currently a rising star on Chromatica's social scene but is secretly continuing her work for the mob for rather personal reasons.
Role in the faction: Mostly meets with clients or potential buyers with high profiles to negotiate deals and deliver goods, often attending exclusive parties as covers for these transactions.

The Favreaus were a clan of staunch and vocal Colorists in southern France. Guen's parents initially mistook her Colorism at birth as albinism until she displayed signs of her power even in early infancy, forcing them to make a choice between upholding their prejudice or protecting their baby girl. Guen's parents decided to try to raise her as a normal child and forcing her to suppress her powers, keeping her contact with their extended family at a minimum in order to better conceal her abnormalities. As she grew older, however, her father became increasingly distant as he found it more and more difficult to maintain his beliefs that he could raise Guen to be a normal child, and that she would not - as so many other Colored individuals have - use her powers to suppress the average man. He became even more terrified upon realizing what her powers were and the extent to which he had been affected, eventually walking out of her life when he decided that he no longer wanted any responsibility for the monstrous child who, unfortunately, shared his flesh and blood.While certainly heartbroken by the actions taken by her husband, Guen's mother realized that the darkness in the heart of men was much more terrifying than Chromatism and chose to stay by Guen's side rather than following her husband's steps.

Deciding that the sudden departure by Guen's father would draw unwanted attention, Guen's mother brought Guen to Chromatica to protect the two of them from the rest of their zealous family. She had been certain that they would seek revenge from her for concealing Guen from them and sheltering what they considered to be an abomination. Upon arrival, she took a job at a local diner down the street waiting tables to make ends meet while Guen finished high school in Chromatica. However, in Guen's senior year her mother's health began to fail and she dropped out to take over her mother's position at the diner. That was when she discovered that her mother had been taking payments from the mob to deliver messages and packages for clients discretely at work so that Guen was able to pursue her interest in music and theater. It immediately became clear that she was expected to take over for her mother as long as she worked in the diner, as her mother still had unfinished business that needed to be put to rest. Guen was rewarded in return after each successful drop with payments that slowly increased as one of the higher-ups began eyeing her for recruitment. 

It didn't take long for Guen to come around as she was starting to despise waiting tables at the diner . After a conversation negotiating her role in the organization and what she would do, Guen gladly took the offer - it seemed simple enough at the time, to entertain a certain list of clients while managing another list of people that could be considered less trustworthy. In exchange, she requested for a caretaker for her mother and enough cash to move them out of the mold-infested apartment they had lived in since their arrival in Chromatica. After spending a few year in hiding for her training in proper etiquette and skills, Guen debuted as a mysterious young socialite with an enchanting voice in the city's elite circles. There are many rumors abound about this latest arrival on Chromatica's social scene, but the truth is this: using her ever growing list of social connections, Guen keeps tab on many highly-ranked clients as well as movements of other crews. Given that she is starting to become more well known, she keeps a relatively low profile on a day-to-day basis, often donning sunglasses or silly wigs when she deems a disguise necessary.

Main: [BW] Highly developed motor system/specialization in acrobatics ((I HOPE IT'S NOT TOO BROAD/PSEUDO-SCIENCY? :iconcryforeverplz:))
Guen goes through the stages of motor learning much more quickly than most, often being able to perform a task four or five times faster than the average human. She also has a much higher level of retention rate for motor skills and is able to continue proficient to high levels of performance even after long periods of non-use.  There is really no such thing as being "rusty" at something for Guen after she's learned it well. Erosion only occurs if she repeatedly and purposefully deviates from the set of skills committed to her memory. Her highly developed motor system also means improved motor control, such as an excellent sense of balance, and faster reflexes. Of course, with such blessings come many downfalls. Guen is extremely sensitive to pain. Physical exertion causes temporary mild tactile anesthesia - a loss of sensations - in her extremities. The paralysis spreads if she does not stop to rest, leading to longer recovery times and possibly permanent nerve damage (OF COURSE she usually stops once the tingles start). Furthermore, in order to balance out her heightened sensory integration, some of her other senses - such as her ability to see, smell, and taste - are dulled/lessened to basically prevent her brain from being constantly overwhelmed with information. Not that she would know, but Guen lives in a much blander world than most of her peers. For example, colors appear much more desaturated in her vision than they would to other people and she is only able to taste very strong flavors, which has led to some awkward experiences with her cooking for other people. She specializes in dancing and has primarily focused on mastering capoiera as a form of self-defense seeing as it involves dance-like movements. EXCEPT CAPOIERA is really hard in heels so she just mostly tries really hard to avoid situations in which she would need to resort to violence!

Sub: [YG] Mood enhancement
Her ability influences the mental state of those around her. Her power allows her to augment someone's state of mind by diminishing or intensifying existent feelings with her voice. While she could certainly invoke certain emotive responses through other means to make her power more effective, she is not capable of making someone experience feelings that they do not have already. Though it has the potential to be abused (as most powers do), Gwen avoids going to the extremes as emotions are wildly unpredictable. Also, seeing as this power can only be activated through her voice, it has limited range and applications. For example, it would not work on someone who is deaf, or out of hearing range. She uses this mostly to influence someone favorably in negotiations or strengthen the loyalty of those around her to the organization. In extreme situations, she has also forced needed information out of others by greatly amplifying their sense of fear. 

((Note: IF THIS IS TOO MUCH I can just modify it to small nudges. o<-< Or just amplifying instead of both increasing/decreasing.))

Other information: 
-Speaks French, English, German fluently
-Loves garlic or anything with a strong flavor.
-Cannot cook at all since her sense of taste is... a bit... off. 
-Weapon of choice: her hands. B**** SLAP DAT HO! JKJK, though she does dislike weapons (especially ones that end up leaving a mess.)
-La Vie En Rose is her favorite song to sing
-Style of dress is typically classy/semi-formal, unless she's wearing a disguise.
-Incredibly pale and burns easily. 
-Has a weird hobby of collecting buttons.
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