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AA - Knight of Cups
Forgot to submit this to the group...!

Tarot for Edrik. Knight of Cups has a lot of qualities which applied to Edrik, with some of the imagery taken from the classic tarot card. Very different from how Guen's tarot turned out but I still rather like it...! 
FFXIV - Dream of Bliss
Another one of my pages for the Crimson Skies FFXIV fanzine. 

Painting metal is painful...!!!!!

But yeah looking back on SB's official drop, Lakshmi's design was just downright gorgeous. I loved the music and the lore and how the fight was kind of like a dance. The best part was healers could somewhat hard carry this fight if they managed their mana and cd's super well lol since the dps checks were pretty forgiving (healer bias). I HATED THE BREAK PHASE THOUGH since you could get hard cucked by rng. The ananta was also just a very visually stunning race overall (though I will forever how the hell they manage to stand on the tip of their tails???????)
EA: Angry Fluff


Name/Alias: Eira Dubois    
Age: 18
Species: Anuri
Height/Weight: 4'11/95~lbs
Personality: Serious, cautious, confident (or rather, she pretends to be), rational, honest, responsible, stubborn, stingy/thrifty, confrontational, distrusting, arrogant, a tad impatient. 
Class/Weapon: Brawler/Gauntlets
Rank: 1????
HP: 25
STR: 39
MAG: 1
SPD: 35
Though her father spent much of his time in the air flying all over the world, Eira grew up in the shadow of the floating isles in Port Altos where she fixed parts of airships without ever venturing too far from home. The Dubois, a family of mechanics, have been known for their excellent service since airships became popularized. As the only child born to her parents, Eira was expected to also learn the trade and carry on the family tradition. Due to the hours spent in the workshop with her mother and other mechanics, Eira developed a rather tough and serious demeanor and did not make many friends of her own age while growing up. With what little free time she was allowed, she ventured to quiet places and over time, grew rather fond of sketching as a way to relax while reflecting on her daily life: a small bird sketched here and there, pages filled with spring blooms with a dried petal pressed in between, a half-frozen winter canal inked with shaky lines. As she grew older, she found herself also growing weary of the city's confines and a deep longing for new sights, but decided that it would be too irresponsible of her to simply leave the family shop behind for an adventure based on her whims. She began shadowing her father on his trips aboard various airships in an attempt to break the monotony of citylife, but found his life even more monotonous than hers had been. It was upon her return from a trip with her father when her mother suggested for her to join the third expedition, as Eira would not only represent the Dubois family aboard what will probably be the most well-known airship of their time, but also finally get a chance to see unknown lands which she so craved.  

Additional info: 

- Carries around her satchel + small purse which contains some tools, sketch pad, art supplies (chalk, pencil, black ink), and a sort of super basic first-aid kit 
- Tattoo on her bicep resembles a compass
- Scars on her forearm extend from her wrist to a little bit past her elbow on the underside, left from an accident when she was trying to blacksmith a part herself and shattered the heated crystal ore she was hammering. As a result, her fur on her forearms are rather patchy and she mostly keeps it hidden to avoid questions. 
- Only lets her hair down when she's about to sleep; she hates its extremely untameable nature but keeps it long for her mother (who insists on Eira having long hair to appear more feminine). 
- Likes: The cold, nature, tinkering with things, spicy food, brushing her tail, being petted (will never admit), drawing, privacy
- Dislikes: Being called cute, humidity, being ordered around, insults/racism, chocolate, staying inside for too long
FFXIV - Protector of Doma
The Crimson Skies fanzine have been mailed out so going to slowly post my pages (when I remember LOL). The first page I finished - Yugiri! Picked her because I really liked her + the doma story line overall. 

The ninja gear for that tier makes absolutely no sense to me LOL but I hope I did her justice. :) 


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